Tamilrockers Latest URL Links – September 2019 (Updated)

Tamilrockers Latest URL Links – September 2019 (Updated)

Want to know the method to Find Tamilrockers Latest URL? or Tamilrockers New Link? it’s a simple trick by using a simple Method. anyway before finding Tamilrockers New Link knowing little about Tamilrockers is Important.

If you too have a new Latest Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam Hindi Dubbed Movies Free Download Online, you keep searching for TamilRockers Website new link. So today this post “tamilrockers new link 2019” will be very helpful for you.

Here, we are discuss Tamilrockers New Link (or) Tamilrockers Latest URL. and also know How to download movies from Tamilrockers torrent.

Because Tamilrockers is an Illegal Movie uploading site which is Blocked by Government Multiple times. Still, tamilrockers Managed to survive on the internet by changing their Domain Extension. skipping one domain to another domain.


About Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers 2019 is one of the favorite Tamil India websites provides access to online free movies including English, Tamil, and Malayalam With illegal Piracy. Tamilrockers is a New movie releasing site managed by Group of people(community). the site is most look alike a Forum. also, we call it as Tamilrockers Forum. we all not able to register tamilrockers forum, only their community people access the forums and post threads, comments.

The revenue earned by TamilRockers pages on major news websites is approximately $5,000 to $15,000 every month. On an average TamilRockers searches in a day in major search engine is around 3,50,000 in weekdays and during weekend and movie releases TamilRockers searches reaches 30,00,000.

Why Tamil Rockers Change There URL Links

TamilRockers is a website providing pirated movies. Apart from Tamil and Telugu on this website Hindi and English Latest Movie are also available for download illegally. The people linked to this website were also arrested in April 2018. Before this, its owners have been arrested in December 2016 and September 2017. The government has blocked the Tamil Rockers website several times, but this website is activated again with the Tamil new Links Of Url name and IP address.



The domains used by the Tamilrockers site recently are:

Tamilrockers .pw (From May 3) – Active
Tamilrockers ..de (From May 3) – Active
Tamilrockers ..co (From April 28) – Active
Tamilrockers .cc (From April 7) – Active

Tamilrockers .to (From Apr 20) – Expired
Tamilrockers .be (From Jul 6) – Expired
Tamilrockers .pm (From Jul 28) – Expired
Tamilrockers .ws (From Aug 11) – Expired
Tamilrockers .lu (From Sep 6) – Expired
Tamilrockers .la (From Sep 27) – Expired
Tamilrockers .ac (From Nov 25) – Expired

Other domains reportedly used by Tamilrockers site are:
Tamilrockers ..by
Tamilrockers .hn
Tamilrockers .cl
Tamilrockers .mu
Tamilrockers .ph
Tamilrockers .gd
Tamilrockers . vc
Tamilrockers .gy
Tamilrockers .cl
Tamilrockers . gs
Tamilrockers .li
Tamilrockers .st
Tamilrockers .ro
Tamilrockers .ax
Tamilrockers .s. co
Tamilrockers .tv
Tamilrockers .com
Tamilrockers .net

Tamilrockers New Link{Updated 2019}

The importance of the new link is matters too much according to her search. This website links are changing in every month and every week some times. So people faced many problems to find these new links.

In online surfing, 95 percent of the people are not able to find the new link of the Tamil rockers that are currently running. The reason behind this is that is then when an admin of this website runs its new domain so they take a long time to rank on her keyword due to this reason 95 percent of people are not able to watch her favorite movies. But after this, you find your new and most latest domain information about tamilrockers website are available on this website. 

Tamilrockers New Link

  • This new link of tamilrockers are generally banned by the ISP Providers. So, you find this link blocked then you have to visit later and you find that link which are in working condition. This Link is suitable and easily working for both Pc and mobile both.
  • Tamilrockers New Link:- So this is that link that you are searching but it changes time to time.
  • Link :-  https://www.goldminetelefilm.in/ {Tamilrockers New Link in 100 percent working condition}

TamilRockers Proxy Site List 2019

TamilRockers Proxy Site List 2019 is given below. You can use it if you want.

URL List URL Speed
http://tamilrockers.at/ Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.nz/ Very Fast
http://tamilrockers.tv/ Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.pro/ Very Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.li/ Slow Offline
http://tamilrockers.gy/ Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.cr/ Very Fast Yes
http://tamilrockerss.ch/ Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.nocensor.icu/ Slow Yes
http://tamilrockers.link/ Slow Offline
http://tamilrockers.gr/ Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.prox4you.xyz Very Fast Yes
http://tamilrockers.net Slow Offline
https://tamilrockers.unlockproject.live Fast Yes
https://tamilrockers.123unblock.info Fast Yes

Trick to Find Tamilrockers Latest URL:


To find out Tamilrockers New link you need VPN-VIrtual Private Network Software.

What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network used to create virtual connection online through another computer. actually, it changes your IP Address and Location to protect your Privacy.

VPN Also uses to Unblock blocked sites. Proxies also work but VPN is Better Than Proxy.

Both Free and Premium VPN is out There. Both have Advantages and DisAdvantages. To find Tamilrockers Latest URL or Tamilrockers New link For this A simple Free VPN is Enough.


  1. Download Any Free VPN and Connect
  2. Turn on VPN Connection
  3. Go to Tamilrockers.com (it’s their Root Domain)
  4. Now you will be automatically redirected to Tamilrockers New Link.

This simple procedure can help you to Access the Tamilrockers website.

But there is a Problem. You need VPN-Virtual Private Network to Access the site. and Download Tamilrockers Torrent.

How to Download Tamilrockers Torrent?

  1. To Download Movies from Tamilrockers you Need Torrent Client.
  2. uTorrent, Deluge, BitTorrent are some free Torrent clients available for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  3. Download any one of the free torrent clients and install it.
  4. Now download Torrent file from Tamilrockers website and upload it (or Drag n Drop) to Free Torrent client.
  5. The download will be started shortly.
  6. Or Just Copy, Paste Magnet URL into Torrent client. FIle > Add Torrent from URL > Paste and Go.

To Get Instant Latest Updates From Tamilrockers Check the Following Site: https://www.goldminetelefilm.in

TamilRockers Searches

TamilRockers Searches

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Malayalam 2019 Movies Download TamilRockers Malayalam HD Movies Download TamilRockers


Onwer of TamilRockers earns about $ 5K to $ 8K every month from this website. If it is converted into Indian Rupees then it is 3 to 5 lakhs.

Tamilrockers are the main source of earnings. Advertising. Because such site does not have Approval of Google Adsense. Because of which these 3rd party ads are used on their website. Such as: Popup Ads. There are many more such Ads Company. Who Surveys Ads For Such Site.

We have written a post about many more such pirated sites. From where you can download tamil rockers movie, you can read it from the link given below.


We have successfully discussed how to get the Tamilrockers Latest Url. Hope this Article Helped You. This Article is Only presented for Educational Purpose. Visiting Tamilrockers may include risks.
Disclaimer: This content is for reference purpose only and https://www.goldminetelefilm.in claims no ownership of this content.
https://www.goldminetelefilm.in does not support or promote piracy in any manner.

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